One stop shop for all your online gatherings.

The easiest way to watch Netflix together, play Jackbox, study together, and more.

Virtual Lunch demonstration

01 - Create Room

Make em public or private. Invite your buddies by sharing a link!

03 - Enjoy!

When you're done you can poll for another activity and time.

02 - Pick Activities

You got options like Jackbox, Skribbl, Codenames, and more.

Constantly Growing

Our devs are always on the lookout for cool activities to add to our platform. Check often to see new things!

Not Just Your Friends

But you can also play with friends of friends and fellow students!

Be Polite Please!

If you're not a friend, you gotta ask for permission before entering an activity. Gotta be polite!

Friends First

We'll always show activities with the people closest to you so you don't have to search around for them.

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